Consultations are always complimentary


Private Yoga Sessions

We come to your home, office or place of choice to work one-on-one and in small groups.   There is never any intimidation or judgment - just positive, uplifting  experiences for all!  Tracey believes that working individually with clients is the most effective way to make real and lasting changes.  Your goals, your needs, your time.  


Health and Wellness Coaching

Do you feel tired most of the time with an overall low energy level?  Are you eating too many processed foods and not getting much exercise?  Do you feel confused about basic supplements that could be taken to help heal the body?  Are you using downtime to check social media and respond to emails rather than to relax and rejuvenate?    Tracey and her team can help develop a customized wellness plan to increase energy levels, improve sleep and support the body with high quality supplements and nutrition counseling. A complimentary Ayurvedic assessment is included. 


Group Nature Walks

Ready to commit to your well-being but not sure if yoga or meditation is right for you?   That’s ok!  Join us outside where the sights and sounds of nature will rejuvenate your body and spirit.    This is a great place to start on your journey as we discuss life, health or anything else that may come up.  Let’s get out there together.  


From one survivor to another, Tracey will assist in your journey back to optimal health both physically AND mentally.  Breast cancer has a profound effect on a woman's life.  Having personalized care and guidance is an integral part of the healing process.  Learn techniques to calm the mind during your doctor visits and surgeries and to prevent scar tissue post-surgery.  You can do this!  The body wants to heal!  Move forward without fear.