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Tracey Kiczales, founder of Transform Yoga, is passionate about helping others realize their full potential both physically and mentally. After a breast cancer diagnosis in 2014, Tracey was determined to find alternative methods to assist the healing process.   After discovering  yoga and meditation, her life was changed forever.   She decided to cut back on her career in the fashion industry and put her Business degree to use serving others in a more holistic way. Self-taught for many years, she decided to become a certified yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner in order to pass along the beauty and knowledge of these ancient modalities.  After numerous workshops, trainings and certifications, Transform Yoga was born.  Tracey continues to enhance her knowledge with continuing education and believes that learning should never stop.  Transform Yoga is a vehicle through which others will take back the power over their own health and well-being! 


 As a wellness advocate, personal trainer and supplement guru, Elke Kallicragas has helped many people improve their overall health and vitality.  She looks at diet and lifestyle factors while also offering natural, holistic pain management options.  Often the side effects from pharmaceuticals can be the cause of many underlying issues in the body. Clients begin to feel more energy immediately with natural alternatives and simple dietary changes.